30 Simple But Gorgeous Nail Designs To Inspire You

Nail art is fun, but it can sometimes get overly complicated. Some girls just don’t have the time to sit through hours of manicure makeovers! Minimalistic style is getting more popular in the manicure world. Simple doesn’t mean boring. So if you’re looking for simple yet eye-catching manicure ideas, this list is for you.

These designs are super easy to recreate. You can DIY them at home if you have a steady hand and the necessary tools. If not, you can always count on your friends to paint your nails. It’d be a fun and relaxing time! So whip out your nail brushes and pick your favorite nail polish shades. It’s time to release your inner artist and get wild! It’s okay if you fail. Just make sure you have acetone on hand to clean the mess up.

Scroll down for 30 simple yet gorgeous nail designs to get inspired. Save them for your future nail makeover at the salon. While you’re at it, share these ideas with your friends so you can get your nails done together!

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